Professeure Maya Zumstein-Shaha

Maya Zumstein-Shaha, PhD, RN, FAAN is Professor and Adjunct Head of the Master of Science in Nursing Program at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Department of Health in Bern, Switzerland.

Prof. Zumstein-Shaha’s research addresses the experience of persons with newly diagnosed cancer to improve understanding and care of this population. She has led several funded research studies that resulted in the development of a middle-range nursing theory entitled “The Omnipresence of Cancer”, which is used in Bachelor and Master nursing education. Findings from her most recent study indicated that the experience of a diagnosis of cancer still requires additional efforts to support persons in such moments. Work with international colleagues led to redefining ‘nursing science’ in a way that can focus and guide nursing research.

She also worked to establish one of the first Swiss Primary Care Advanced Practice Nursing Curriculums. The impact of her research is far-reaching and cited in journals of nursing, interprofessional collaboration and spirituality. Publications from research also significantly broadened the knowledge base on nursing knowledge development and cancer care. Prof. Zumstein-Shaha serves on the Swiss regulatory board for Advanced Nursing Practice, and as a member of the Swiss National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics.

Prof. Zumstein-Shaha completed nursing school in Switzerland, received her MS and PhD from the St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery of City University in London, UK, and completed her post-doctoral studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing in Baltimore, MD, USA.