Professeur Nicolas von der Weid

Nicolas von der Weid is Professor for Paediatrics and paediatric Haematology-Oncology at the University Children’s Hospital (UKBB) and the University of Basel. Since 2012, he’s the Head of the Ped Hem/Onc Dpt at UKBB. He leads the Outcomes Research Group in paediatric Oncology at the Department for Clinical Research of the University of Basel.

He has been the President of SPOG (Swiss Paediatric Oncology Group) between 2005 and 2010 and is currently President of Childhood Cancer Switzerland, a national organization grouping all stakeholders, incl. patients, families and survivors, in the field of paediatric oncology in Switzerland.

His research focus since about 30 years is in the field of survivorship and long-term outcomes after paediatric cancer; he is currently the Principal Investigator of SURfit, a randomized intervention study with sport/physical activity in adult survivors of a cancer in childhood and of the national CardioOnco study looking in a prospective multicentre design at early detection of cardiac toxicity.

NvdW has just been elected (March 2021) as Vice-President of the Swiss Society of Paediatrics and Member of the Senate of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.